When In Doubt, Throttle it Out

Welcome to Intercollegiate Karting Challenge

"Your victory depends on how you start the race" Intercollegiate Karting Challenge is a conceptualization for all those innovative engineers who want to create something beyond the imaginations and prove their potentials to the world. Many people think of doing something different but, only a few of them are able to achieve it. Have you ever thought why? The reason is quite simple; they have the ability to combine their creativity with knowledge to create something new.

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Our Vision

Intercollegiate Karting challenge is an initiative by E.K Works to promote motorsports in India. We all want to do experiments and create something innovative, Well this is a platform for you to do so. A stage to show your potential to the world.

We aim to provide you learning practically the concept of automotive theories, with help of guidance from experienced professionals of automobile industry. Our vision doesn’t ends up here, we also want you to learn management and leadership abilities to run as a team to face challenges and to celebrate on victory as a team. Along with that to develop presentation skills to showcase your talent in the real world.

Many of you might have already built a Kart to participate in other championships before, but maybe that was your first time and therefore you couldn't make it to the last. We understand the importance of getting a second chance, and therefore this initiative gives a chance to bring your kart with improvisations and better designs because if you have skills and passion for motorsports it shouldn't be wasted.

So we invite you to be a part of our vision. Register yourselves now.

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